Habitat Management Plans

Colleen Donoghue
Casey Harder 
Annie Wissmiller
Maddie Hueske 


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Federal Licensing 
To view the Land Use Plan on this webpage,  click the above link.  You will find a PDF when you follow:                Federal Licensing > View Documents > Land Use Management Plans and Reports > March 2016

Spokane River Project Documents

What this HMP does well: There is great awareness of involving stakeholders and different jurisdictions' regulation. The maps are clear and helpful to the reader. The timeline is very clear, with an outline for each annual monitoring cycle.

Aspects needing improvement: High focus on controlling noxious weeds, not much emphasis on revitalizing habitat for native species. Avista could have a greater ecological focus outside of noxious weed control and provide specific goals to enhance project area habitat.

Additional important Notes: This plan is under FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which introduces a new level of regulation.

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