Habitat Management Plans

Colleen Donoghue
Casey Harder 
Annie Wissmiller
Maddie Hueske 

Kendall Yards

Click to view the Kendall Yards HMP:

What this HMP does well: This HMP was created in 2012, before the Kendall yards developments were underway; under the advisement of Greenstone corporation and Jim Frank. The plan was not publicly available, but when asking Mr. Frank for access to it, he was quick to respond and provided it right away. The photos within the plan, of signage, important vegetation and native species was very helpful from the perspective of a public reader. Additionally, there is a set timeline for monitoring that is detailed and describes within the plan. It is pointed in who will maintain the monitoring of the area; this would be the city of spokane parks and staff members. Aspects needing improvement: Since it was created in 2012, the plan is potentially not as relevant to the new developments that are just now in 2019 being put in; was not clear. This calls into question relevance and adherence. For relevance, the score of 1 on the rubric is a reflection on the mass amounts of development that has occurred since the original 2012 plan. Ecosystems shift and respond to human impacts; therefore, the mitigation and remediation strategies may need to look different now than before. The impacts were only potential in 2012, now there is greater understanding of what is actually being impacted, which should be reflected in an updated version or record of viable adherence. Additional important notes: In the follow through, the Parks and Recreation department for the city of Spokane should have on file the monitoring reports from every 2 years since 2012. They have been unresponsive at this point in time to our requests. Therefore we can not conclude that there has been adequate follow through on the Kendall Yards HMP.

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