Habitat Management Plans

Colleen Donoghue
Casey Harder 
Annie Wissmiller
Maddie Hueske 

Legal Research

The purpose of a Habitat Management Plan (HMP) is used to evaluate any potential threats that a specific use or activity poses to priority habitats and species. An HMP may indicate that in order to continue such activity or use on the land, mitigations are required to minimize effects on and provide protective measures for local fish and wildlife.

The regulations regarding HMP's vary based on the jurisdiction of the property. There are five different local jurisdictions that mandate Habitat Management Plans within Spokane County.

1. City of Spokane: Municipal Code: Section 17E.020.090 - Habitat Management Plans


2. City of the Valley: Municipal Code: 21.40.036 - Additional critical area report requirements for fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas.

3. Millwood: Municipal Code: 18.08.050 - Fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas, Section 3.

4. Liberty Lake: City of Liberty Lake Comprehensive Plan. Chapter 9: Natural Environment: Article 10-6B Critical Areas. This requires habitat assessment in accordance with Washington Fish and Wildlife.

5. Spokane County: 11.20.060 - Fish and Wildlife Conservation Areas, Section D.

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